Robbi Hall Kumalo, is an artist with an electrifying and engaging personality!  She's honed her chops performing, recording, & touring with Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Jewel, Diana Ross, Arif Mardin, Deepak Chopra, Rod Stewart, Eileen Ivers, and Harry Belafonte among others.  TV appearances with these artists include Oprah, 60 Minutes, Rosie, The View, VH-1 Storytellers, The Today Show, and Late Night with David Letterman.

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For nearly 30 years, she's been healing audiences thru music, delivering impassioned, heartfelt vocals, spiced with improv, wit & humor.  Backed by a dynamic band, often w/hubby Bakithi Kumalo (Paul Simon Band), Robbi performs original music,  jazz, pop classics, soulful grooves, & melodies in many languages.  As a Teaching Artist, she performs interactive educational concerts & residencies. This is her last season touring for young audiences, she's 'retiring' in 2015 to focus on her other artistic endeavors!


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