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From a Singer, Songs That Rock, and Are Kid Friendly Too”

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Kids Learn in All Different Ways, and ALL Kids Engage Through Music!

I specialize in long & short artist residencies & school assemblies, especially for Diversely Special learners.

The research is now clear and irrefutable – the arts are critical to a child’s well being, and help students engage and succeed in all academic areas.

Under age 5, I offer nursery music programs.  

Ages 3-6, storytelling for early readers.  

Ages 6-14, concerts & storytelling performances.    

Need something specific?  Let's create together!  

My interactive concerts feature a variety of musical styles including jazz, rock, pop, the blues, world beat & folk songs, everything connecting to curriculum using our multiple intelligences to better know one another in the 21st & 22nd  Century.  (A.K.A life) 

CLICK ON A LINK TO BOOK A SCHOOL ASSEMBLY:                  Ohio Alliance for Arts Ed     

BOCES via Arts Horizons 

Putnam/Northern BOCES

Early Readers

K - 6  Concerts 

Middle School


Overwhelmed Classrooms?

I know i had become very overwhelmed as a traveling music teacher @ the preschool where I worked.  I saw my fellow teachers struggle to manage their time with all the requirements of laws, classroom procedures, administrative duties, and children's various personal needs - the classroom has become chaotic; we attempt to stay on target for completing all the mandatory instruction but its a terrible crunch for time. Hardly time for bathroom breaks!

Diversely tuned teaching is so necessary, yet it's so hard to achieve with all of the other responsibilities heaped on an educator’s plate.

That’s where my online concerts and interactive videos come in.

I know educators love for their students to get of their learning stimulated thru the arts –every teacher I've worked with has brimmed with joy to see all of their learners so fully engaged. Since teachers use devices for the internet in their classes let your students respond to screens with me.  Welcome to 2018.

Students will love these concerts and videos, and you will too!

  • Great for independent Classroom Listening Music Center
  • No Buses
  • No Lost Classroom Time
  • Simple Access
  • Interactive & Engaging
  • Curriculum Based
  • Reach All Learning Styles
  • Super Affordable!
  • Relaxed Performances
  • Mindful Music
  • Available on Demand or during a live webcast