Happy Summer Solstice 2024

I’m realizing that I do this podcast, almost writing chapters of my memoir! And then the fact that nobody listens nor do I market this podcast, is a huge statement about what I’m doing as an artist these days. Nothing much :-) yet, everything else! I’m definitely healing a concussion that flared up multiple sclerosis in my body when the eclipse happened. That’s an exciting chapter of my life let alone a book. But I didn’t write that chapter of the book. I’m starting in the year of 1964 or a little bit before that actually. And then I’m deciding if I’m KTP publishing it or if I’m going to self publish like I do my podcast. For an audience that nobody actually participates in as an audience member. but the fact that you’re reading this means that I must have somebody that’s hearing me. Thank you. Multiple sclerosis is a mental health situation as well as a physical health situation. I’m not doing well. I’m too much of a performer that loves to perform to even admit that. But again, thank you for listening to my podcast, happy summer 2024 :-) Keep cool baby:-) LOVE TO YOU & thanks 4 listening… as I listen back in posting this today right now, I realize that I’m really out of tune, luckily love is like a never ending melody that poets have compared to symphonies. This podcast you’ll notice that the music seems out of sync because that’s how multiple sclerosis makes me feel. I’m out of sink. I’m slightly out of tune. if you’ve ever felt that way as you deal with your health being on target and you feeling great every day, have you ever felt out of tune? Is it like desafinado . --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/multiplesuperbness/message

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