S2 Ep 4: Meet Alder, Candace & a few Bahai Prayers

Since you’re liking my podcasts, subscribe today! To see on YouTube, click/copy/paste https://youtu.be/wtl1IZe0PvY I’ve been enjoying drum circles here in Portland, Oregon. Especially when I met Alder! The first time was at a Reiki drum circle, and it was amazing to meet a 9 new people that were interested in being as healthy as they could be. Ever since, I’ve been very lucky to share drum circles with Alder in Lake Oswego, and Sellwood, OR. We had plans for the Bahai center but snow got in the way. Next you’ll meet my friend Candace, who was helping us get to the Bahai Center to celebrate Naw Ruz❣️ ❄️ Snow got in the way because people in Portland don’t take chances in these here hills and mountains! I think Alder is from California, Candace is from the Midwest, so they understood snow! As a native New Yorker, part of it was feeling like it’s no big deal! But every little thing could be a big deal, and I just don’t know. This is why I turn to the Bahai Writings www.bahaifaith.org If you’d like to get some reinforcement, on the Holy side of things (because things do get in the way) So I say, “Is there any Remover of difficulties, save God? Say, praise be God! He is God! All are his servants, and all abide by His Bidding“ You know the clouds are abiding. Lol so do I. Enjoy the podcast and thank you for subscribing and supporting my ‘things’. Continued blessings of good health to you and yours, and all of your things some and any lol. --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/MultipleSuperbness/message

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