S3 EP 3: Barry Greco “Patchogue-Medford Class of ‘82 Friendship Reunion”

Barry Greco “Patchogue-Medford Class of ‘82 Friendship Reunion” you’ll get over here our happy memories! The disclaimer: there is a lot of cursey words used - please be forewarned! I speak seven languages and I abuse English! It’s not a basement of myself when I use the language that is explicit but, when you’re reminiscing about high school memories… Boy, did you do dumb things! Not that Barry and I did! We were sweethearts:-) I have bad moments in my life, buried one of those friends that I could turn to. He would keep a secret, or at least make me feel like he did. And we had a group of friends that we all were good together! The 80s were good! Yes! I remember well🎶💯 Please share with me a couple of your high school memories in the comments :-) This is an interesting episode, because I decided to share a conversation with my good friend Barry Greco. We went to high school together on Long Island and as I’m approaching my 60th birthday, so is Barry. Born April 1! So the minute that we met became friends and knew things about each other… We bonded! Doesn’t everybody want a friend who is born April 1 in their life? he is not a fool. He is a friend. As I’m counting, how many friends I have as my gray hair grow, I remember what my mother said to me. When I was younger, my mother used to tell me that I’d be lucky if I was older, and could count the number of friends I have, during my life that are friends! She says you’ll barely be able to use one hand of fingers. Maybe one or two fingers. And I thought wow what a beautiful image! So this is the life I’ve been living from that seed my mother planted. Barry is not one of my fingers, he’s more than an appendage. He is the esoteric frequency that my mother didn’t know how to tell me about. But at least I grew aware and in tune. My parents just like Barry‘s parents had plans for us to be successful living in the community and going to the schools that we were going to. They were right. Remember, your mother is always right. PS I miss my daughters… I never taught them that… Whatever. Leave a comment, and if there is a pole attached to this amazing podcast, please let me know how you feel about it. #Feelings.🎶 whoa, whoa, whoa feelings.🎵 who remembers that song look it up… Thanks to Google it’s available. You just have to go back to the 70s or 80s lol #PHSClassOf82 #HSReunion #SchoolClubs #Community #UnconditionalLove #Friendship #Kindness #Memories #HighschoolReunion #BahaiFaith #wellness #Preemptivepeace #Preemptivelove #KindnessMatters #AbilityOverDisability #MSWarrior #AfricanAmerican #BlackMusic #BlackCulture #ItalianCulture #ItalianLanguage #DivinaLeicth --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/MultipleSuperbness/message

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