Who needs to listen to MS podcast? Is it you? Be careful!

10 years ago, my life was totally different. 🤯 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, then turned 50 years old. I had to stop working and just pretty much everything in my life shifted and changed. But luckily… I’m able to find a place to be in the world because of the radio! If you don’t know who I am…I’ve …”sung backup for Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan, Harry Belafonte and many others, has cranked out a groov-alicious offering for all with my third children’s CD. But anyone can just sit back and feel the rhythm coursing through his or her body.” - NY Post 🎧ROBBI HALL KUMALO🎭🎤🎹 www. soundcloud.com/RobbiKumalo.com 💢CURIOUS? COPY/PASTE https://linktr.ee/RobbiHall 🆘 🎵432Hz medication Listen & ASK! 🔛 🥁Multiple Parents’ Choice Awards - singing to new people 40 Yrs+⚛️ Musical Storytelling Assemblies 🙌🏾 EASES from🚫DISEASES within self🌀 🥰 Research? Innerstand & Learn mo' deets ‘bout Y O U: HTTPS://www.secretenergy.com/?ref=robbihallKumalo Because of my generational capital, I’ve created this podcast to brighten up your spirits, and talk about topics in the news without the that group of words, but funnier ones instead of joyful ones! Thanks for taking a chance on me and becoming a subscriber to support… My podcast! Soon, I will be able to offer ads and commercials for sponsorship! Stay posted and thank you again lol --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/MultipleSuperbness/message

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