Keep The Beat

Robbi Hall Kumalo

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Genre: Kids/Family: Children's Storytelling

KEEP THE BEAT, truly represents Robbi's range and talent as a musical theatre performer and storyteller, as she tells tales about ancient drums and clever animals.

As a little girl growing up on Long Island, NY - she was quite funny, and always drawn the stage. From reciting the traditional Easter Address at church, to dance classes & piano lessons, Robbi's early years focused on creative expression. The nickname from her family in those days was 'Sara,' as in Berhardt!

Her first taste of children's theatre happened in 1981 when she had the opportunity to produce a Sunday family performance at the local university theater. Totally bitten by the bug, Robbi has since concentrated her talents on working with, and for, kids.

On stage she is engaging, commanding and spellbinding- weaving together a lifetime of experiences, humor, songs, conversations, movements, and rhythms to all around.

Robbi K has captivating creativity, high energy, and a strong commitment to excite, inspire & surprise her audience at every chance.

The New York Times calls Robbi K "A Best Bet"

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