Specially designed concerts, workshops and residencies for specific grade levels, or the whole school!”

download flyer  Keep The Beat! is a multi-lingual world music concert featuring folk songs from around the globe pulsating with energy & interactivity to emphasize of how people are all connected by music, history, and daily interactions.

KTB! is the first of a series of multi-lingual concerts encouraging students to look at elements — particularly music, visual arts & dance — that unite all people. Backed by an ensemble of dynamic & masterful Friends, we perform in at least 6 languages, like Spanish, Hebrew, Hindi, Hausa, Zulu, French, Italian, Arabic, Latin, and English. I'm always encouraging audiences to further develop an understanding and respect for ever-present diversity in language use, patterns, and dialects across cultures, ethnic groups, geographic regions, and social roles.

Through engaging classroom activities both before and after the show, students are connected with geography and literacy standards. Curriculum connections: multi-cultural studies, global studies, and a language other than English; Art forms: music, social studies, and storytelling. In terms of understanding the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts; students will further develop an understanding of the personal and cultural forces that shape artistic communication and how the arts, in turn, shape the diverse cultures of past and present society. Another standard is responding to and analyzing works of art: KTB! supports students responding critically to works in the art, connecting the individual work to other works, and to other aspects of human endeavor and thought.

Keep the Beat! is approximately 50 minutes, for grades 1 thru 7. Suggested audience size, 250 max. 
Children exposed to these songs will not only be singing them for many years to come but hopefully will be inspired to become loving and open-minded participants in the global community.  All of my productions are adapted for age group & any special needs.




                Songs of Freedom

A Conversational Performance for all Ages!

Click here to learn how Four dynamic singers use their voices to tell American Stories. Technical requirements TBA. See above link for details about this ages 10 + assembly program.

  • P.A. System Please let us know in advance if you cannot provide:
  • 3 Microphones
  • Mopped stage/floor area; 16 ft. x 20 ft. minimum
  • Nearby working electrical outlets
  • One power strip or extension cord
  • Two small desk-sized tables onstage (max size 4')
  • 3 Music Stands
  • Darkness in the audience during the performance
  • Theatrical lighting, if available
  • 8 bottles of water room temp spring water & fresh, whole fruits
  • Center aisle in the audience for Robbi's entrance

Download Flyer   Red White & Blue:  Hooray For You! The perfect follow-up to Keep The Beat! - or when you’re looking for that special program to celebrate America's diversity with a patriotic theme.  RWB is an interactive concert that looks at US Immigration thru song and dance. I starts with my Native American music & continue thru a variety of cultural folk songs carried to the US via Ellis Island, including Sweet Molly Malone, Santa Lucia, Hava Nagilah, Mo Li Hua (The Jasmine Song) alongside some of our greatest patriotic music like You're A Grand Old Flag, US Army Anthem, Battle Hymn of The Republic!  

RWB entertains while reflecting upon state global studies curriculum and US Immigration over the last 200 years. The repertoire comes from the songbook used by most public and private schools: Get America Singing!.. AGAIN!- a project of the Music Educators National Conference.   Curriculum connections include multi-cultural studies, social studies,and American History. Art forms include music and storytelling. Red, White & Blue is approximately 50 minutes, for K-5, suggested audience, 250 max students. Study guide