Some things are old & some things are new. What's old is me… I'm coming another orbit around the sun 🌞 again in March! Something that's not old but brand new in a 'crumbling huemanity' that's so old nobody even can recollect the date;  Michael Jackson sang it "Do you remember the time…?  But are these spelled words about falling in love like we thought in the past or woards for our now? Maybe that song wasn't for us to simply dance to but to receive from his amazing band of angelic forces of love to us as a gift? 

I find my mind is thinking differently this second Tuesday in the month of January 2022. The fact that I found my mind is a miracle! Spending the weekend learning Reiki I &II sure did help me see how clearly now the 🌧 is gone‼️ I can see all obstacles in my way now I know how to heal them :-) I'm excited to be able to help others heal in the same ways like I'm learning. Combining with music, prayers, Archangels, rainbows, Holy writings, nature in Portland Oregon? #Priceless

I have a great team that supports me in Argentina. Joaquin @ Martha Solutions always has an answer. Can you remind me of the sun I don't quite half, because the sun I do have is a few years older and lives in South Africa. But he does remind me of my children, I've mentioned them plenty on the site… So please look through my past to see how great I was. I did fail as a mother long before I got the blessing of multiple sclerosis. That's when I lost my mind. 

When I went to Bellevue Hospital in New York City some years ago, they wanted to drug me up.  The warnings about taking the pills was so detrimental to my life, I could've died. I figured if I'm gonna die, let me do that! Luckily I had a lot of people in my MOUTHS with big LIFE that gifted me plenty plenty of shame & blame.  fortunately God did not let me kill myself! Go figure! No matter where I traveled to run away, I kept finding myself there and broken, tattered 😡 pieces.

Luckily my new word to say first before the word say is luckily… I'm able to spin out something new on my old ass website. The reality check of people that read this are supporting me by becoming members. It makes it easier to publish a book this way. And boy do I have books to publish this way :-) I'm glad I woke up today, and I'm glad that you did too. Yesbutno wait ‼️

Who exactly is you?!! That's a relationship I need to work on, luckily multiple sclerosis suspend my movements so that my imagination can run free.  i'll do my best this month of January to catch up on most of 2022 in all of 2021… With separate posts about the big things that went on! I start storytelling on this blog once March arrives with the spring season in the northern hemisphere.

in the meantime we're still waiting to hear if we won the Grammy for best children's album of the year #AllOneTribe 

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