I don’t talk about it enough but - I’ve multiple sclerosis! Would have preferred SINGULAR so I currently call her Multiple Superbness 

multiple sclerosis symptoms and progression in black Americans

https://www.healthgrades.com/right-care/multiple-sclerosis/multiple-sclerosis-symptoms-and-progression-in-black-americansThe only word capitalized in that sentence above is the country that I come. But the rest of the words should be capitalized. Information that many people might ask me - but don’t. I didn’t even know myself if I hadn’t searched. Podcasts are supposed to inform / teach, so here’s info that I’m reuncovering myself that I’m sharing with you. You’re most 🤗 

I’m used to feeling (all my life every moment of the day) HAPPY, but now …⁉️ MS❓❓❣️

Before my big sister died, she was worried about me… I ignored ‘it’ - I even ignored her. then one day my brother who never ever really calls me calls. He told me our sister was dead. Died passed away? I was shocked my brother was on the phone talking to me and then telling me the worst news I’ve heard all my life. I won’t quite recover from her absence in my life, nor will I recover from the damage I caused her as a little sister sucked as a teenager.  Happy birthday sister 🥹 I miss you.Chocta Nation, Natchez Mississippi Reservation, William Hall, father b.1923d.1988


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