2 For 1

Dear Johnah,

Yes, arts council are superb in promoting and supporting the arts locally as an organization, but I'm really speaking about PEER TO PEER support.

A creators like myself, coming to see your show because I consider you my friends. I'm talking 'bout me, spending my $15 for the tkt, eating & meeting the 2 drink min. plus, as a sign of support cuz that's what friends are for!  

Now maybe you'll be likely to attend my show because you see it as investment to yourself.  Look, I even brought a date along with me!!! Woo Hoo! Kinda like a 2 for 1?!?!? Do that often and I'll get more of the billions?  IDK but would love to find out.

I'm curious how an industry that generates 'billions' of dollars has so many poor workers? We're all so tired of giving 'it' away - our art/energy/essence, so I ask myself, 'what can I do to change the paradigm? Shift the thinking? Try something differently?' Truthfully, I really only go to see a friends' show if they comp me, or they play a venue w/no music charge.

I used to think 'broke'.

Attempting to be selective on how to spend money was my go-to mindset when it came to anything 'entertainment.'  It's also hard to get to shows, as an artist for other reasons I'll blog about at another time. I ask myself, 'Is ____ show 'entrainment' category of my budget to me or research? Ahhhh jaja!  It's kinda in the budget category of eating out on my bank statement.  It's hard to find a restaurant w/free delivery on GrubHub therefore, every penny counts, right?

Exactly. I needed to purge and reevaluate my relationship with money. STAT! I'd been living so pennywise I had become pound foolish while simultaneously wondering why I can't seem to earn enough money from my art making as a teaching & performance artist? I work as much as I can manage with MS, which is less than ever before, but that's no excuse.  I got a plan about it though. I'm trying this out for the next year or so; I'm so curious about what will happen when I change how I think about money in terms of music. Alan Moverman & I resonated on this qwerky factoid last night.  For a a mere $10 investment, I went to his concert - which was sooooooooo delicious to experience on a 'friendship' level for me....not quite profound but extremely eye opening as I watched & listened from my view on the stage, on one of the chairs that appeared as the room sold out.

As we said our goodbyes & gave hugs, he said, "See y'in May!"  Valuing my friends talent with my time was rewarding to me.  It sparked my synapses! My face tingled like tea tree oil and it was FUN to meet DIFFERENT people & make NEW CONNECTIONS. I want to check out they're work too, we exchanged cards. I put them on my card pile of shows I wanna see and people I know to know.  The intention is there & I know who to find but, without actually showing up in the moment scheduled, it's simply just a gander.  

Since I've got until May 18th this year to catch your show, LET ME KNOW! Then don't be surprised if you see me pretty brown eyes and tingling, smiling face gazing at you from the house. PAY IT FORWARD.


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