Allentown Symphony Hall 

I'm really looking forward to my next venue, Allentown Symphony Hall a.k.a Miller nearby Allentown.  Here's some info about the show:

Come hear me sing with my talented friends, make funny jokes to make you laugh, and witness the surprise guests hidden within the won't believe what we're about to do on Friday March 22, 2013!!!!

Firstly, my ensemble this time around features me on piano and singing, of course as well as a little support from the great on piano, bass artisan Chris Sullivan on upright, and one of Broadway's finest Mr. Wayne Dunton on drums.  There's another surprise that will happen musically anda that's my newest ensemble:  Les VIE...Vocal Improv Ensemble - that's all I can say right now - just a group of great singers who live here in the valley....super fun stuff!  I hope I haven't ruined the surprise!

Lastly, look for me and some of my friends performing on WFMZ's Music Monday 3/18, 8:15 am.... listen for us on Mona Rodriguez's radio show on WDIY Saturday March 16 @ 6 pm.....I'll squeeze in a quick visit on WDIY around 3 pm on MARCH 22 - the day of the show, too......whew!!!

They're selling out of tables, so click here to BUY YOUR TICKETS ASAP:

If you can't make it....please please please - DON'T tell me!!!!!!  I'll be too sad of the news! Just give a ticket or two to a friend who'd love my show instead...then I'll be much happier! Your support matters so much....thanks in advance!


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