Argentina y Uruguay bring me Joy!

Yes, joy!

I've been invited to perform for school children in Bueños Aires and Montevideo - two places I visited 20 years ago that left me with the fondest memories of condombé, great steaks, music & people.

So here I am again, visiting and carrying my music this time with me.  I've had the pleasure to spend a couple of weeks, visiting a new school everyday, meeting children ages 6-17, and you know what keeps resounding over and over again in my heart?  We're all the same people and how we all forget that we are the same and that life is grand.    We matriculate and grow into the adults we want to be, dream to be, desire to be....and quite honestly, adulthood is overrated.  We have no option to grow older, it's part of the deal with life, but to forget and forsake our ability to laugh, smile, sing, be free, care less, run barefoot, dance falls to the wayside with every responsibility we undertake being a grown up.

Some of us are lucky and hang on to that joy as much as we possibly can.  I've met quite a few people who are like that; many of them are teachers who help grown brilliant humans into adulthood.    Some of us are performers who not only temper adulthood with our talents, but sometimes we share our talents with children, doing our best to help the world keep it real for a moment - pausing time just long enough for the joy to shine through.

I'm glad for my life and how I'm using it while here in the flesh.  I wake up everyday, check to make sure I'm alive, if all my beautiful body parts are working; I listen to hear familiar sounds of the world even when I wake in an unfamiliar place, then I dive into the silence that contains my gratitude.  I connect my dots to Spirit and to Self.  I remember.  I love.  I accept as best as I can without judgement all that is me, and then I let me feet touch the floor and begin my day.  I'm living with the intention of joy, love, compassion, and courage but, adults make the simple soooooooooo complicado.  So what I can drive a car, buy a 128 GB iPhone on credit, choose the clothes I want to wear, drink wine legally all day long, curse, spit, go left or right as I choose, go to the office by 8 am, .......but to do all these things without intention and from a place of a joyful heart and smile is beyond my abilities to function.  Me, I want to tap into the joy of living life and adulthood constantly wants to discredit, fuck with, eliminate, control, dictate, manipulate, condescend,  the innate human spirit within me that doesn't really care about most of these things.  There's a lot I care about, but way more that I don't care about or chose to lose my time on.  Then I feel bad about myself for not fitting in with others in my family, or my age, or on my block, or in my general path.  Domestication of children to become adults is a bum deal, really, in my opinion because being young and clueless is so truthfully authentic and a wonderful place to view life from; not the jaded, oppressive and unforgiving culture of adulthood.  You know, I color my gorgeous gray hairs black not to look young for your sake, but to look on the outside like I feel on the inside!

I started creating music and shows for young audiences when I was young.  17 years old, I think.  It was just part of my growth and childlike discovery process to do children's theatre - not at all in the life plan I was conjuring as I approached HS graduation....just something that I happen to do during school along with being a cheerleader, in Student Government with industrious classmates like Lynn Sad Of Sky and Victor Bolden...I was even the host of my schools first TV show broadcasted on this new thing called cable TV 'cause nobody wanted to do it.  All these things were me then.  As I grew, with help from my parents and family in particular, many things were discouraged and called childish - adulthood of responsibility was approaching!  Many of my teachers were co-creators of my ability to imagine and dream.  That's one of the reasons why I wrote this song.....'cause teachers are the shizzy, and prestigious keepers of the keys, witnesses to the domestication of humans, and truly unsung heroes and heroines.   Like parents, teachers are awesome and have a great deal of pressure to do their best job possible.  Year after year, month after month, day after day, minute by minute from one moment to the next.

And here I South my life and learning more lessons in the greatest school ever called life.  There's no way we can really prepare for adulthood; sometimes even the highest diplomas and contacts yield emptiness and feeling low on the inside.  It's all a crap shoot, in my opinion.  The one thing that I know is not, is prayer.  Connection to spirit.  Doesn't matter the brand or name of Spirit because they're are many that we adults have created for ourselves to consume.  What matters is how you feel right now.  How you feel on the inside about yourself right now.  How you feel when your eyes close, the sounds quiet, and the spirit within you confirms you're all right, doing a great job at being, all is well within. 

Spend a day with some kids when you need reminding of who you are.  Children are excellent at being their honest selves.  I'm blessed to meet more children in my life and to sing with them.  I'm very sure that all is well within my soul!  Now the rest of the ruido outside of me.....weeeeeellllllllllllllll........good luck to us all with that one! 

Stay young at heart, loved one.  Sending you wishes and prayers for peace and a strengthened connection to the Spirit Within!

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