Good Bye 2016, Hello Spirit....a.k.a Let Go & Let God, again!

Looking forward to speak-play @ TEDxDeerPark: Inter-Mental Symphony Save the Date!  Please Plan to Attend!  This is HUGE event for me personally after surviving a year of sadness, adversity, and loss.

Luckily, I'm still passionate 'bout the music biz. True, I've performed & recorded with legendary artists like Aretha Franklin, Eileen Ivers, Arif Mardin, Diana Ross, Jimmy Owens, Ashford & Simpson, Edie Brickell, Chieli Minucci, Gino Sitson, John Hiatt, Rod Stewart, Mary J. Blige, and Harry Belafonte among many others and some of these folks are on children's CD's!  I love performing.  Check me out TEDXDEERPAR IN February.

Celebrating 20 years as a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, I'm getting more invoIved, sitting on two Performer's With Disability & Diversity committees!  Very cool to represent this part of my union!

I'm thanking God constantly for letting me use my unique skills set.  Factoid:   Did you know that I started performing for young audiences in 1981?!    Yup! For years I've created joyous & exhilarating programs for school aged children throughout the world.
Check the pics  Speaking of which.. last spring I had an amazing school tour in Argentina & Uruguay, telling stories and singing songs to students who study English and I got to live for a few weeks in Spanish!

Creating original 'works of art' to perform for students anywhere is one my many passion.

I've played the beautiful Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida performing one of my dearest shows, Songs Of Freedom - an interactive concert that combines music, spoken word, history, a slideshow featuring images of  Black Americans relationship with America.
                                                                                                                                            I visited a few spots The Hoppy Spot in Tampa & the Lucy Kalentari, Robbi K, RitaRosa RuguesaZun Zún Children's Fest in Miami.  It was a grand adventure to hang with Music with Mar, RitaRosa Rugesa & Lucy Kalentari!


I've enjoyed wearing many hats producing shows for young audiences. Creating a mezcla of music, movement, drama combined with curriculum and national arts standards - I love it!

Now it's 2017 eve.  I still work in schools that are failing to serve students because of funding challenges, continued repetition of a counter-productive 'village',  or they just have a narrow state focus on supporting 'tested subjects'.  As I share my love of the arts within these communities, I know as an artist, I help to grow children into 21st Century world citizens.  The main focus of cramming data into students' heads, as in  just enough to pass their state's tests continues, but after school is over, what's next?  Muchos jóvenes bury their faces in some screen - all by themselves - while growing up.  Technology, new cultural trends, repairing dysfunctional family systems, and educational advances are bringing a change in how we do education.

ARRRRGGH!!!  I'm a Teaching Artist:  I Create/Perform/Present/Produce - together we Respond/Connect. 

Know that the artistic process is core curriculum so I'm pro Creative Classroom Collaboration.   I remember how learning felt fascinating.... this is why I dedicate my work to creatively collaborating and making curriculum fascinating for students - and teachers.  Thanks to my sister for sharing her field of education with me.

In case you're wondering about my health... MS is being ok at this moment, my book writing is slowly happening towards an actual BOOK....recordings of my originals & cover tunes avail now.   Learn more about me  - Take A Listen - give the gift of music this holiday season.

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'Til we meet again...  Love Love Love in the mind & heart.

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