Happy 2018!!! 

I have no control although I've been living like I do.  The ONLY thing I have influence over is what I chooose to put in my mouth. You are what you eat.  Literally. 

And the Yin to that Yang, of course, is what comes out of it.  No more McDonald's for me.  I will be impeccable with the words, me the storyteller, chooses to use.

It's dawned on me that there's no such thing as time because it seems that my last post was in November.  In between it me not remmebering even writing a post in November & the fact that it seems like November was just the other day....who really cares? 

No one.  Therefore, time does not exist.  Unless we want to manipulate actions.

So that's my deal from now on.  Who Cares?!?  It sure makes my life easier to recieve my precious guided steps. I'm grateful. My understanding expands & my knowing is infinite.

When I choose to reflect, which I'm working on not doing so much of, I think about my heart.  My 'tender heart',as my mom used to call it, is very tender.  I'm very sesitive. We all are. But I'm not overly sensitive, and who cares really.  The majority of the world likes to fuction with labeling & creating systems & constructs.  My heart is my souls.  And my souls, yes, souls are me, my essence.  So now I live to support my souls. If you don't understand what I'm saying, I invite you to question & seek an explanation.  I'm 54.  I know what I feel.

Yes, I just wrote a number on the page.  I'm getting older, or as I like to think of it - I've been here long enough to know me.  I thought - here's that action word again - I thought I was smart.  As a young child, I was always told by my family especially, that I'm extremely smart; smarter than this one in the family, smarter than my age....so smart blah blah blah. So I;ve been thinking that I'm smart all these years.  Not book smart because although I'm writing a book, I haven't read too many.  Smart.  Let me add a few more labels in there PRETTY - GOOD HAIR - TOMBOY - TATTLETALE - CRYBABY.  Endless list of adjectives but really Who Cares? I used to care. I was also told that I was a child of god and that god is my father too.  End of story, details at 11.  My bedtime was 8 pm.  Never got to the news.  Now I stay up past my bedtime.

Right!!! No such thing as time!  No such things as time time passes but as 2017 exited, I realized that living up to then had exhausted me to the point that my heart, my energy, was dimming; overlabled, overcharged, overcharmed, overmanipualted...OVER because I'm not anything really.  Or am I?  I'm God?!?!  If he's my father, then I am God too. God is good.  I am good.  Substitute yourself for my word I & use your own.  God sacrifces for me?  Sacriced his son, my brother?!?!?  Not my father!!!! I am my brother's keeper so I am Jesus too. Where is the Christ in me?  I've been looking for an answer to this question the most.  I've traveled to many buildings throughout the lands, will to ask internal questions that nobody in the buildings could answer truthfully.  Do they not know? Why does every building have a different answer?!?!?  Why build a building with the name GOD on it yet not have much to do with God, or even have the same answers about our father - creator of ALL? 


Yes. ALL. 

OKay, I remember a bit....this is when I go hug a tree, right?  So I did.  The tree & me had an interesting conversation.  I want to talk to the trees all the time, as many trees as possible.


I aspire to be love. To be light. To be joy. To be lite. To live. To be God. It's a feeling, a place of energy really.  So back to the souls concept now named, energy...my family was right to brainwash my thoughts to know that I'm extremely energetic.  I have a good Godly soul.

So since time has no relvance or existence, I went to bed during a year counted as 2017....AD, and woke up in a year now called 2018.  So we keep count to commemorate our exposure, knowledge of Jesus.  The work of Jesus, the Christ, to call the name properly.  I had to reconcile all the numerous bits of info I've collected since arriving to the planet about me, so I did. The bits of information that was usless - which is mostly all of it, I discarded.  Literally.  I'm always writing and had a long list of SHIT.  You probably have one of those lists too!!!  We got TO DO lists galore.  You need a shit list too!  My shit list is a collection of beliefs, constructs, time defining moments, & nouns that don't do me any good. Instead of crossing them off, I just burned them in the fire.  The energy of fire is powerful.  Mixing the flame with my heart - immediate relief and arrival to the moment I've been avoiding, but was inevitable to meet.  It's part of the journey.

I surrender.

I need my parents to comfort me.  I turn to God.  Mother Nature/Father God/Christ My Lord & Savior.

Today, they've enlightend me.  My joy is to share the good news I now know with the world, connecting with those that share this truth with me.  I invite you to let go & let God into your life.  I have no building other than my temple. My aim is to make my temple the brightest light as it can be to illuminate & maginfy the greatness of God, and our purpose, the necessity of us knowing the true Christ.

I lose ego, it serves me not. I'm not here for myself anymore...what & how have I been progammed to think or not think ? I'm here to illuminate the love of our great God who I know as energy, which is all things known to man. 

Please support my life as an artist with a great mission to heal the world, one child at a time.

Happy 2018

I'm grateful to be a musician. This is why AND how I move forward.  This is why oppressors control education.  'Cause once we know something & gain knowledge, we are forever changed. Now if you choose not to apply a beneficial lesson to your life, ITS YOUR CHOICE.  This is the human condiition.  Choice.  I choose life. 

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