I can't believe it's been over 2 years since my last post!

What the HELL HAS BEEN GOING ON!?!?  A lot!  But since my lil' indiegogo campaign - I've been busy executing my projects!  Recording tomorrow and new show debuts in less than two weeks....my book is on hiatus at this time!  My patchy brain can only handle so much these days.....

You coming?!  I sure hope so....I need to fill 100 seats!  I mean, it's about the bottom line.  I like to play in nice spaces with great pianos - but if no one shows up for me....I'm not trying to be famous but in my mind, I'm Beyoncé.  Don't you think so too?!?!  I mean, if it wasn't for the screen images blaring in our faces everyday - we wouldn't know who the heck she is or Pink, or Cher, or Nina!   So, I'm just doing my job. My God gifted job, to the best of my abilities.  It's not the fault of the artist when show attendance is low.  It could be a holiday, natural disaster, weather, sickness, or sometimes folks just forget!  In any case - as usual with these types of venues - I'm very anxious to see who shows up to check out my act! 

Oct 4 = Christmas =:-)

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