I Celebrate My Experience Thus Far! Congratulations Robbi K!

Yes....I'm grateful for it all.  The ups.  Grateful.  The downs.  Inspire my ups.  Grateful.  Since being told by doctors that it appears that Multiple Sclerosis has been happening in my brain, I've been on a quest to fix myself.  LOL.  There's a couple of books coming down the pipeline about such - keep in touch!

I've journey'd through the thicket to emerge, in tact, joyful, & certain that life is grand.  I'm blessed, grateful for the musical vibrations that come thru my life.  That music is how I sustain myself.  Singing to children since 1981 has been the biggest blessing for me for sure.  As I mature into a better knowing of loving of myself, I grow to appreciate children more.  I also appreciate the parents.  I'm a parent.  It was hard to raise daughters through a time of great technological advancement, political changes, environmental shifts, and humanity drawing closer to each other. 

Now I'm asking myself for what's next?  What should I do with myself next?  More of the same?  Variations?  Where is there a need for my presence?  Thinking of my own life, I need healing & forgiveness.  I'm feeling that others do too.  I know when I sing to children, they ask for love & give it; it's delicious to experience.  I even leave sticky notes all around for myself, reminding me to practice being as kind as I can to myself first; it's very hard to do effortlessly, like breathing. I've such negative habits imprinted since my childhood thru my adulthood, & every hurt in between!!    

ENOUGH! Cut to today - right now.  I'mm changing a lot to live & be better.  I can do a few at the same time too.  Today, I've started a 30 day DoTERRA Cleanse to reboot! I'm helping my myelin heal & rebuild with total lifestyle changes.  I'm also bored with exhaustion, feeling stressed out, battling not to catch a cold due to a surpassed immune system - the list could ramble, but that's not my point.  I have NOT been paying ENOUGH ATTENTION to the foods I'm eating!  I’ve been going willy nilly with my head in the clouds & must clear out years of fueling my cells with rushed prepared foods, restaurant foods, take out that quick. Even traveling does NOT prevent me from eating well. This madness is coming to a stop!  Today.  NOW! 

There are vitamins, oils and supplements I’ll be taking each day…they can be purchased separately or in the DoTERRA Cleanse and Restore Kit. These are the foundation of the cleanse; they work with the body to maximize the health and efficiency of your vital cleansing organs so that you can minimize toxic load naturally and maintain the results long-term. You can read about each of the products in the Detoxification and Cleansing article on the DoTERRA blog. 

Once again I just celebrated myself arriving to the planet yesterday and have fake cleansed before, so the concept is not new to me but it is still a bit intimidating. I know that the only way to have success with any kind of healthy eating in my life is to pre-plan & prep foods. As I embark on dreaming new dreams, enjoying dreams already achieved, & being as quiet & forgiving as often as I can, I'm keeping it real - planning 1-3 days ahead what I'm gonna consume, how I'm feeling, & to discern what's needed in my living protocol.  Traveling isn't a challenge! Organic Raw & Fresh is the answer.  I won't buy more than I can consume within a 48 hour period.

For my DoTERRA Cleanse & Restore, I'm combing with raw organic veggie &/or fruit juices, raw produce, & lemon water fasting, I'll continue to practice & recite many positive messages to my mammalian brain because I’m ready to go towards what God has planted in my soul.   

My spirit is on fire!   

I'm grateful. I ask for forgiveness to all those that I have disappointed or angered because I forgive they that I've misunderstood and responded to with anger & disappointment.   

We're all in this experience together, as one.  No more turmoil, no more fear.  With a heart full of love & hope, I just simply wanna take care of the best thing I know of, God's greatest gift to me ever - ME!  The least I can do in appreciation of such a wonderful & generous gift. 

If you're ready for a turnaround from the cellular level onward - email me so we can talk about how great essential oils, meditation, quiet time, laughter & music can help you live a better life.   

Follow me, I'll show you!

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