IPAY and APAP - what a busy week!

Having an amazing time at IPAY this year....so many friends at this conference - it's wonderful to see everybody AND make new friends from Australia and the Netherlands....quick rest for a few days then off to APAP.  I'm working with Monique Martin (City Parks Foundation) as she presents a panel of children music.  On the weekend I'm attending my friend Steve MacIntosh's 1st Annual Children's Artist showcase on Saturday the 12th  and Sunday the 13th!

Wooo Hoo to family music!  Children have the power to heal this world - we gotta take good care of them or our old age will be a bitch....payback is no joke.

Speaking of payback, I owe my dear friend David Gonzolez a hot spot.....don't worry - you'll be clued into the joke when I post the video on YouTube.  Thank you David for shining your light on me!  Payback is no joke.....

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