My life, everyday, is no longer the same

I notice.
I feel.
I am.

I'm an artist.  Things happen to me, for me, because of me, instead of me, around me.

I respond. 

I wrote this song 20 years ago, for a little student of mine, who was quickly passing thru my rapid life. 
It was my first music teacher gig, at a Montessori type of pre-school in downtown Brooklyn.  I will always remember
I go into detail in my book, but let me confess in this moment, I didn't like her. 
She whined & often had a runny nose, clammy fingers.  I think she was 4 turning 5.  I was fresh at teaching.  Naive. Inexperienced.  Clueless.  Young.  She was needy to me.  Always wanted to sit on my lap while I played guitar.  She liked music. 

I noticed. 

Her other teachers explained thru their actions how you teach.  They we deliberate, careful.  I watched, but I had no idea.  I was one of the people she encountered in on this planet.  Think about all the people we meet & why....where.  Her death, murder, misuse - this absolute crime against humanity - painfully, still, teaches me the value of my gifts and why I sing to children.  My intention is clear.  Los Ninos is my plead for forgiveness for not singing enough.

One of the many reasons.  One of the few hugely simple reasons.  I create.  I'm following my gifts; it makes a difference.  Share your gifts too, with abandon.

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