Raising My Vibrations A Little Higher

I did not mean to have Multiple Superbness discombobulate my body science, but it’s happened.  When I look around, I see other people, even people who are 'successful' 'accomplished' 'well-appointed' with material things also discombobulated.  Is it our fault? Is the human experience - though, different for each soul, the same experience? Many people are subjected to illness, it's not just me.  I'm not sure what's up, but I'm going with what I do know to be true for myself.   

I love this instrument, my Monolini. It took me almost 2 years to pay for it!  I enjoy the feeling of 432 Hz sound waves coursing thru my cells.  It really helps me feel better & aware of what’s going on inside of me.  I have to surrender to get there though. This video shares my journey towards self-alignment & self-love.  It's a sincere gesture of Love & gratitude for the Creator of me that allows me to wake every day and live again.  I'm resurrected.  I'm renewed.  If I hold onto that feeling of love long enough, I experience wonderful moments.  But the moment I start to think, attempt to manage & control - EPIC FAIL.  

MS allows me to experience in every moment of my awakedness with that truth.  I could complain about daily vertigo, pain, brain malfunctions when I play the piano, never-ending depression, dramatic mood swings, loss of clear vision, even how I now pee on myself whether I mean to or not - but I don't.  I just say, thank you, Creator, for allowing me another opportunity to be aware of all the abundance I have lived from.  I don't need anything at all in this very moment of NOW.  I do crave for more because, well, that's my 'human' nature & what I was taught that people do to themselves. But I honestly, don't need a thing.  What I need, truthfully, money can’t buy (but it does help you get closer to those things, funny how that is :-))  

When this instrument is in my arms, I embrace what it gives me.  I'm a performer and love an audience.  But it's the same feeling when I'm alone with it and when it's alone with me.  It's just us together, communicating love & gratitude in a supernatural way through vibrations. Energy.   

I look forward to getting feedback from the folks that were with me this night; maybe this sounding helped them feel better too. Based on what I'm learning about myself and my life when I watch this video - it's about love.  Love for self, yes, but love for things greater than the self that words cannot articulate or describe.  I'm cool with where I'm at in my life.  I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, practicing on taking it one day at a time as it comes.  Giving first, loving first, laughing, singing, playing piano & sharing my gifts in extraordinary ways.  It's all good. 

I do need help in continuing my life journey and transitioning from Human Being to Human Doing, so I ask you to visit my PATREON page and consider one of the many ways I offer myself to you for joy & gladness.  I've recordings, videos, blogs & vlogs that are both nutritional & entertaining.  You’re looking for quality entertainment, right?  We’re living in a time that surpasses everything we’ve known to date because technology is now another relationship that we have.  As an artist with MS, this technology thing works for me as a way to grow beyond being to doing.  I do this every day to survive & I don’t plan to stop.  Home is where you make it, I’m building a fine house within my beautiful brown skin that sustains me to be better.  Your help will make the total difference.  I’d like to buy another monochord - there are many of these instruments, and I always have a song to sing because of the many lovely children & people that I encounter and love.  You can also visit the homepage of my website www.RobbiKumalo.com and donate some of your abundances to me via PayPal - the link is there next to photos of me.  Photos that I will update & share with you about my journey as the artist I was born to be.   

Thank you in advance for supporting the music I create.  If you love the sound of my instrument & voice - more is avail at Patreon.com/robbik & www.RobbiKumalo.com/music 

I love you as much as me - xoxoxo  

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