Reasons Why I've Chosen to Blog 

In no specific order, after some thought, I've discovered things about myself that relate to blogging...

  • I think a lot
  • I talk a lot
  • I care
  • I'm thinking and talking to myself too much
  • I like writing
  • I have a lot to say
  • I listen to myself
  • Blogging is therapeutic
  • Who cares out there
  • I don't care who cares
  • I care more and more everyday
  • I'm an artist creating with words
  • I'm a great public speaker, why not be a great public writer
  • Another factor of The RH+ Factor
  • It's a great place to be loud
  • This is my soapbox
  • Another way to let people hear what I have to say
  • Great thing to do during as vocal rest
  • It's a canvas for me to paint
  • It's about what's on my mind
  • Shit happens to me everyday that's bloggable
  • Sometimes I need a break from writing my memoir
  • These blogs are a part of my book
  • It's fun to write, rhyme....spend some time - with words
  • Meditative qualities can be incorporated whilst blogging.  Take three, slow, cleansing breathes. Here we's good!
  • It spiritually feels good. Just like taking a good & easy shit when you have the time to relax it out.
  • It keeps me working, creating, thinking.
  • It's calming for my Type A type behaviors.  I am NOT a Type A Personality. Don't get it twisted.  I just exhibit those kinda habits sometimes.
  • There is power and intention in the words we choose.
  • When I write, I tend to tell the truth.
  • I really enjoy writing.  I do not enjoy rewrites.  But I do like the song very much, Paul.
  • It's a productive form of procrastination that employs creativity therefore it is NOT a waste of time at all.
  • Nobody reads my blog which makes it a form of public masterbation for me; what a way to cum.
  • I'm a private person that enjoys being a public personality.
  • I like to keep secrets.
  • I try to keep secrets
  • MS is no longer a secret.

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