Spring IS here!!!! Ahhhh....that song again....


Like a tree, planted by the water - I'm excited by the warm sunny days approaching.  I'm co-leading a SOUND SOAK at my dearest yoga studio in Astoria, NY. PLEASE COME.  YOU NEED THIS!  

Join me & Matt for a nurturing experience on Sunday April 8 @ 1:30 pm @ The Giving Tree Yoga Studio

"With Spring just around the corner, let's dive into the transformational 
energy which is abundant all around us. As we emerge from the dominating  
darkness of Winter, a new hope buds within us, promising new life and more  
light. What did you learn from being in your cocoon this time around the sun?  

As you were moving through your metamorphosis, what shifts happened?

What new perspectives do you now have?

In the struggle to emerge as a new form,  
with the wings of a butterfly, how can you stay on course and persevere until  
you are set free?  This month, in the last leg of the marathon, celebrate each step  
as you put one leg in front of the other. As you pry yourself out of the darkness,  
acknowledge each success, no matter how small. Allow your breath to deepen  
with the lengthening of the days and the victory of light over dark.

Plant the seeds for your year ahead, mindfully choosing your next mountain to climb."

After that, I have an exciting concert of my music mixed with some Nina Simone, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, Carole King...Oleta Adams - all the women I love to sing, @ Rockwood Music Hall.  I'm looking to sell out the room.  The deal with the venue bites, like most clubs - so my expectation$ are low, but the reward of seeing who is willing to show up for me, hear my story, sing my song - that's priceless.  Tickets are available here.  So far, the folks who I've been communicating with are making this another dream fulfilled & I'm already grateful, looking forward to working with everyone @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC.  Then....after that....

I'll sing that Lawrence Welk closing theme song, completing putting God in charge of my steps.   

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