We made it! 

How many times did they predict the end of the world last year?!?!?  A few, I think!  And yet, with God's grace - we made it!

I'm glad about that .... I have a lot plans.  My first plan is to get over the fact that my eldest daughter is turning 17 this month.  There!  I said it!  'Nuff said on this topic.

I've got some new show ideas that I've been slowly workshopping in the comfort of my living room with my favoirite piano.  As much as I love performing for kids - it's a blast to perform fo folks my age.  I coerced my besties here in Bethelehem - all native NYer's - to be in a vocal accapella ensemble with me.  We call ourselves VIE!  Vocal Improv Ensemble - we mix our voices & comedy - impoving both!.  I must say we have too much fun doing it.   The vocals are hot 'cause we fierce singers, our jokes are easy to flow 'cause we laugh A LOT ALL THE TIME and rumor has it movements will be forthcoming since 2 of the 4 we're in STOMP! ...video soon to follow.

One of the first booking conferences I ever showcased at was IPAY - and Showcase 2013 starts in Philly this Jan 4-7.  It's been a few years since I attended 'cause I've been gigging and had an agent who didn't attend IPAY .  So now I'm representing a few artists that I've worked with for the last few years.  I'm once again - half agent/half artist!  Cool!. Oh yeah, I'm also looking forward to a grand jazz concert on Jan 18th with my newest ensemble of players in Bath, PA.   If you're nearby - you should come!  Details here.

Check out my new site - I'm making lots of revisions this month...new year - new site!

God Bless You!
Robbi K

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