Went to the top of a mountain....

Mohonk Mountain House to be exact.....I performed there a few years back.  Part of the compensation is a stay.  I finally had reason to go there - so I thought!  To make some headway on writing for my book.  I had no idea is was such special place.

So imagine me....when I worked there years ago, it was an in and out kinda gig for me at a time where all of my shows were stringing together and seeming like one-long-job.  I negotiated days for pay for the entire group - none of whom were willing to work for no cash.  I had to call upon my third string of musicians...they agreed, we went, ate lunch - performed and left our separate ways.  Cut to 3+ years later....I finally cash in my chips 'cause I need to hybernate and write.

It should be called Happy Mountain House, owned by the Smileys.  Everyone I encountered was special.  Special because


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