Worldwind of a Week (or two)

Wow.....I'm finally stiing still, blogging, and stressing about all the emails and phone calls I need to return!  Spent last week teaching in Middletown, NY @ Maple Hill a group of students I've had the honor to perform to and work with as a teaching artist for over 5 years!  To see some of them as tall 5th graders and to meet the youngest 2nd graders of the school (who remember me from when they were in KindyGarten) quite humbling. 

I love my work.

I am so grateful for these lovely sets of skills from God.....I'm liviing a Lucky & Charmed life everyday because of music! 

Off today to audition for Kook & the Gang, then onto WFMZ's 8:30 am Music Monday TV show with bass artisan Christopher Dean Sullivan....then teaching arts work this week via NJPAC, landing on Friday @ Allentown, I mean, Miller Symphony Hall with my long time bandmates to rock some jazz and bring joy.

I'm not saying that I have no problems, but I am saying that my life is perfect.  Just as God intended.

Have a blessed, day, week, month, year and life, my friend - stay in the place a gratitude.......and your troubles will be soothed by that truth.  Whatever your religious feelings are - be grateful for what you got!  It's magnigicent!


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