This Friday! I'm a Pointer Sister.....Soooooo Excited!!!


About Robbi

“The fusion of styles with Robbi K’s soulful sound makes for a refreshingly pan- cultural album that stylistically ranges the globe"
~ Time Out NY

“A terrific singer with personality to spare... It's hard to imagine anyone

Worldwind of a Week (or two)

Wow.....I'm finally stiing still, blogging, and stressing about all the emails and phone calls I need to return!  Spent last week teaching in Middletown, NY @ Maple Hill a group of students I've had the honor to perform…


Allentown Symphony Hall 

I'm really looking forward to my next venue, Allentown Symphony Hall a.k.a Miller nearby Allentown.  Here's some info about the show:

Come hear me sing with my talented friends, make funny jokes to make you laugh, and witness the…


IPAY and APAP - what a busy week!

Having an amazing time at IPAY this many friends at this conference - it's wonderful to see everybody AND make new friends from Australia and the Netherlands....quick rest for a few days then off to APAP.  I'm working with…


We made it! 

How many times did they predict the end of the world last year?!?!?  A few, I think!  And yet, with God's grace - we made it!

I'm glad about that .... I have a lot plans.  My first plan is…