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Public Speaking Since 1979

At least, that's when I started to make the newspaper for debate & oral interpretation competitions.  I suppose my earliest training startedwhen I was around 6 years old in church. I share my intellectual capital on several topics . Email Me questions / suggestions about me speaking @ your upcoming event.  My style of public speaking is interactive, improvisational, & musical.   I'm available for conferences, parent groups, homeschoolers, educational workshops, Professional Development for teachers, or for another TED Talk.   It's never to early to book


Music.  Education.  Healthy Living.  Multiple Sclerosis.  Performers With Disabilities. Human Rights.  Parenting.  Marriage.  Songwriting.  Entrepreneurship. The Performing Arts. Technology & the Arts. The Voice.  Sound Vibrations.  Improvisation. Theatre Arts. The Art of Storytelling.

  • Positive Creative Habits for the Classroom

  • The Language of Experience

  • Music As A Language

  • This Is My Story, This Is My Song: Childlike Happiness - TEDTALK

  • Don't Text Grandma: Put Down the Phone & Look Up

  • The Great African-American Songbook:  Ladies of Piano (Nina & Me)

  • Old School vs New School:  Valuable Pieces from Childhood

  • Music for Changing Children in a Changing World (CMN)

  • Diversely Special: Everyone's Included (FLAEYC)

  • Engaging Young Children in Music & Movement (NAEYC)

  • Introduction To Aesthetic Education (Lincoln Center Institute –Tilles Center)

  • Classroom Transitions with Music & Movement (Kravis Center)

  • Music in the World (Huntiington Arts Council)

  • Introduction To Aesthetic Education (Islip Public Schools)

  • Keep The Beat (Arts Horizons, Comprehensive Kids Development School)

  • The Hills Are Alive...with the Sound Of Music (Reading Music Foundation/ Berks County IU)

I'm currently booking speaking engagements for 2019-2020.  I'm very interested in speaking to young parents with young children about old-school strategies of parenting creative children in balance with rapidly developing technology.  We need to have discussions ASAP to keep up with technology.                      PD Feedback Letter
Photo by Yesinia Cortes

Photo by Yesinia Cortes

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