PADRES: Does this sound familiar?

*Your child takes traditional English classes, learnes grammar, rules & hundreds of exceptions

*Your child has a vocabulary that rivals any American student

*Your child has earned certificates that hang proudly on your wall stating they're indeed proficient in English…but do they get it all of the time?

What one learns from textbooks & what one learns from the real world - are two totally different things, especially when it comes to language learning.  

Hone the gift of gab with me @ConvoClub!

What's ConvoClub?


  • Conversational practice

  • Personalized, educational, interactive, & fun activities

  • In your home on weekends or after school

  • Idiomatic English

  • Learn & practice vocabulary words for sophisticated CONVO (Slang for conversation) 

  • Ongoing CONVO in a 90-minute session

  • Integrated with acting, theatre improv & music

  • Practice pronunciation, listening, spelling, speaking & everyday English while thinking on your feet,

  • Enhance public speaking for school, church, leadership roles, sports, business, YouTube, job interviews & more

    • ConvoClub is ME!      

    • I'm an NYC born actress, composer, teacher, musician & wellness advocate offering my talents & knowledge for immersive live or online English language CONVO practice.

    • All levels of welcomed.

    • I perform & teach an experiential-creative curriculum that includes singing, acting, dancing, musical meditation drawn from 35+ years of experiences as an Artist.

    • Let's get together! I'm in San Telmo until the 20th of September



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Thanks for taking a chance to meet new people & speak English with me. No commitment - just LOG IN. Let me inspire your language usage and ease.

Try an online session! If you like my style - sign up for a Music or ConvoClub lesson.

LOG IN @ 10 am - 12 pm. Attend once, a few times, or every week!

Click to book an appointment & LOG IN @ 10am - details disclosed when booked. Once appointments are taken - our class is filled! When registering on Google Calendar, It doesn't matter the time you select but you must schedule AND prepay.

I offer voice and piano lessons & drama coaching as well. ConvoClub is based on my 35 years of working with students & the great conversations that we have together about extraordinary things.

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I tailor a one-to-one curriculum that's appropriate for your child’s proficiency level, age & interests.

As a NY actor & musician my pleasure is to offer voice & piano lessons as well audition coaching.

All ages encouraged. I have time for only 5 private students. Sign up today!

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$500.00 Save 50%!

We sing, dance, read, recite, & act out popular English nursery rhymes & story songs during a 90 minute session, moving slower for students just learning English.

Research shows that an early language learning experience generally results in the development of native or near-native pronunciation and intonation.

You'll be giving your youngest student of English the building blocks to become bilingual & intercultural competent.

For a group of 6 students, ages 7+

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ConvoClub is part performance, part conversation. An English Language Experience during winter recess for students 8 - 16 years old with previous study of English.

I believe that children learn best by doing, I've developed an experiential curriculum based on my work as a Teaching Artist, Lincoln Center in NYC and based on 36 years of performing with & for students.

I educate thru the arts; taking risks with words while gaining awareness. Language teaching & learning are social processes necessary for survival & culture's a key component to learning a language. I'm glad to share mine with Bs As this winter!

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Teaching mindfulness practices builds attentiveness, respect for others, self control & empathy, all while reducing stress, hyperactive behavior, and depression. In addition, life proves when you participate mindfulness.

Cool Vibrations is a 90 minute interactive listening group for English learners that focuses on Guided Relaxation Practices. We start with simple Guided Meditations - like Follow the Leader & The Balloon - that I slowly facilitate while playing the soothing Monolini.

We breathe & stretch, further developing coordination, improving flexibility while expanding English listening & comprehension skills, thinking, new vocabulary while achieving inner calm.

Hone your tools to help fend off negative thoughts & behaviors, build self-confidence, focus, & treat others and yourself with care and appreciation that's the aim of YOGA SOUNDS.

Session closes with music & storytelling.

All Abilities Welcome. Max group of 6

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I perform for you and your guests, in English, French, & Spanish, my NYC Cabaret show that spans the music of Ella, Nina, Hazel, Lena all the way to Roberta, Carol, Aretha, Alicia & yours truly.

I recollect many tales from my days singing background with luminaries like Aretha, like Valerie Simpson, like Chaka Khan - & I sing the amazing songbook these great African American women role models have set before me.

A concert in your home!

For more info visit my House Concerts page.

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As an actress from NYC I do an English Language Experience that's part performance - part conversation With your - friends we think, speak, & hone the Gift of Gab! I'm THE BEST Teacher! I'm THE BEST party! I'm ConvoClub! ”

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 I've performed as a storyteller @ dozens of schools in Bs As like St. Patricks, Barker, Washington, Florence Nightingale School, Bede's, Ecos, AACI, Saint Patrick's, Cangallo, Washington, Cathedral Newman, Santa Ethena, Villa DeVoto, Las Nieves, Boston, ORT, Aula XXI, Bayard, Chaltel, & Stella Maris in Uruguay! Perhaps you've heard of me?  I'm in the city until September - book a session today!