PADRES: Does this sound familiar?

*Your child takes traditional English classes, learnes grammar, rules & hundreds of exceptions

*Your child has a vocabulary that rivals any American student

*Your child has earned certificates that hang proudly on your wall stating they're indeed proficient in English…but do they get it all of the time?

What one learns from textbooks & what one learns from the real world - are two totally different things, especially when it comes to language learning.  

Hone the gift of gab with me @ConvoClub!

What's ConvoClub?


  • Conversational practice

  • Personalized, educational, interactive, & fun activities

  • In your home on weekends or after school

  • Idiomatic English

  • Learn & practice vocabulary words for sophisticated CONVO (Slang for conversation) 

  • Ongoing CONVO in a 90-minute session

  • Integrated with acting, theatre improv & music

  • Practice pronunciation, listening, spelling, speaking & everyday English while thinking on your feet,

  • Enhance public speaking for school, church, leadership roles, sports, business, YouTube, job interviews & more

    • ConvoClub is ME!      

    • I'm an NYC born actress, composer, teacher, musician & wellness advocate offering my talents & knowledge for immersive live or online English language CONVO practice.

    • All levels of welcomed.

    • I perform & teach an experiential-creative curriculum that includes singing, acting, dancing, musical meditation drawn from 35+ years of experiences as an Artist.

    • Let's get together! I'm in San Telmo until the 20th of September



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Thanks for taking a chance to meet new people & speak English with me. No commitment - just LOG IN. Let me inspire your language usage and ease.

Try an online session! If you like my style - sign up for a Music or ConvoClub lesson.

LOG IN @ 10 am - 12 pm. Attend once, a few times, or every week!

Click to book an appointment & LOG IN @ 10am - details disclosed when booked. Once appointments are taken - our class is filled! When registering on Google Calendar, It doesn't matter the time you select but you must schedule AND prepay.

I offer voice and piano lessons & drama coaching as well. ConvoClub is based on my 35 years of working with students & the great conversations that we have together about extraordinary things.

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I tailor a one-to-one curriculum that's appropriate for your child’s proficiency level, age & interests.

As a NY actor & musician my pleasure is to offer voice & piano lessons as well audition coaching.

All ages encouraged. I have time for only 5 private students. Sign up today!

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$500.00 Save 50%!

We sing, dance, read, recite, & act out popular English nursery rhymes & story songs during a 90 minute session, moving slower for students just learning English.

Research shows that an early language learning experience generally results in the development of native or near-native pronunciation and intonation.

You'll be giving your youngest student of English the building blocks to become bilingual & intercultural competent.

For a group of 6 students, ages 7+

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ConvoClub is part performance, part conversation. An English Language Experience during winter recess for students 8 - 16 years old with previous study of English.

I believe that children learn best by doing, I've developed an experiential curriculum based on my work as a Teaching Artist, Lincoln Center in NYC and based on 36 years of performing with & for students.

I educate thru the arts; taking risks with words while gaining awareness. Language teaching & learning are social processes necessary for survival & culture's a key component to learning a language. I'm glad to share mine with Bs As this winter!

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Teaching mindfulness practices builds attentiveness, respect for others, self control & empathy, all while reducing stress, hyperactive behavior, and depression. In addition, life proves when you participate mindfulness.

Cool Vibrations is a 90 minute interactive listening group for English learners that focuses on Guided Relaxation Practices. We start with simple Guided Meditations - like Follow the Leader & The Balloon - that I slowly facilitate while playing the soothing Monolini.

We breathe & stretch, further developing coordination, improving flexibility while expanding English listening & comprehension skills, thinking, new vocabulary while achieving inner calm.

Hone your tools to help fend off negative thoughts & behaviors, build self-confidence, focus, & treat others and yourself with care and appreciation that's the aim of YOGA SOUNDS.

Session closes with music & storytelling.

All Abilities Welcome. Max group of 6

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I perform for you and your guests, in English, French, & Spanish, my NYC Cabaret show that spans the music of Ella, Nina, Hazel, Lena all the way to Roberta, Carol, Aretha, Alicia & yours truly.

I recollect many tales from my days singing background with luminaries like Aretha, like Valerie Simpson, like Chaka Khan - & I sing the amazing songbook these great African American women role models have set before me.

A concert in your home!

For more info visit my House Concerts page.

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As an actress from NYC I do an English Language Experience that's part performance - part conversation With your - friends we think, speak, & hone the Gift of Gab! I'm THE BEST Teacher! I'm THE BEST party! I'm ConvoClub! ”

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