Tell me...does this sound familiar?

*Your child takes traditional classes, learned grammar, rules & hundreds of exceptions

*Your child has a vocabulary that rivals an American student's

*Your child has earned certificates that hang proudly on your wall stating they're indeed proficient in English…but do they get it all of the time?

What one learns from textbooks & what one learns from the real world - are two totally different things, especially when it comes to language learning.  

Help your child hone their gift of gab @ Robbi K's ConvoClub!

What is ConvoClub?

ConvoClub is an immersive in-person, English language system where students learn by doing (creative experiential curriculum: art, singing, game playing, acting, creative movement, music, & yoga) based on Robbi's process of mindful teaching.

A 3-Step Patented Learning Process of English language practice that I've created to practice conversational banter in small 'work-out' group sessions for students ages 8 – 16. Students that have studied English, but need something different & challenging.

Think of it as language social gathering with music, movement, thinking, & learning while bonding with friends. It's more than private tutoring. It's peer to peer conversation facilitated by a New York actress, storyteller & musician. It's life skills education that engages learning thru the use of our multiple intelligences.

Organize a group of 4-10 students, peers or family.  Decide which ConvoClub would best benefit the kids, then schedule & book a time during winter break! 50% OFF before March 31

Staycation with Education; children you like to see learning, socializing & growing together in the comfort of your home. A personalized opportunity for everyone to increase their English language fluency during a 60, 90, or 120-minute arts & culture based sessions. A contemporary English conversation workout!

Give your child a stronger mastery of conversation with English idioms & expressions. Your home provides the perfect environment that promotes a natural & effortless place of learning, especially of language acquisition/reinforcementnative-like intonation & pronunciation.

My main focus is speaking the language. I speak a bit of Spanish, French, Italian, Zulu, & German.  I'm a native New Yorker & experienced Teaching & Performing Artist. I encourage & invite children to take risks with language & gain awareness of the world

ConvoClub is an entertaining way for young people to advance their English speaking by doing something unique, social & educational safely at home!

I come to your home, lead interactively fun activities to enhance & improve the speaking, listening & conversational skills of your students who are learning English. Just assemble a group of six students.  We can meet just once, once a month or weekly in your home. Everybody's English benefits. Connect the children & families you already know!

NOT a group of 6 or 8 yet?

No Worries! Drop-By Session are offered ONLINE Saturday Mornings @ 10 am. Students visit me & make new friends too!

I also offer music lessons!  All young learners are welcome. 

Register NOW with promo code WINTER for 50% OFF EARLY BOOKING by May 1st!  Limited sessions available!!

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In 2016, thanks to Dream On Productions, I performed for students as a storyteller @ many school in Buenos Aires. St. Patricks, Barker, Washington, Florence Nightingale School, Santa Ethena, Villa DeVoto, Bayard, Chaltel, & Stella Maris in Uruguay. I'm visiting schools in BA again this May & June.  Perhaps you're child knows me already? Is their smiling face in this video!

ConvoClub is:

  • Led by award winning Teaching & Performance artist Robbi K from NYC

  • A way to learn to use vocabulary words for sophisticated conversations

  • Educational, interactive, fun activities in English

  • Groups of students assembled by groups of parents

  • Ongoing conversations throughout the entire session

  • Explore diverse mutual interests while becoming better acquainted

  • Practice Idiomatic English

  • Practice pronunciation, listening, thinking, spelling & speaking on your couch

  • Integrated method acting, improv & rhythmic exercises

  • Learn to apply speaking fluent English self-consciously with your peers

  • Exercise flexing the ability to 'go outside' of your personal comfort zone in order to self improve - enhancing your contemporary conversational English language skills

  • Utilize these skills for public speaking, school & church presentations, leadership roles, sports, business, music, acting, & other types of settings.


Imagine English immersion with me in the comfort of your with your children's friends parents & form a group of 6! It's better than a play-date, better than a tutor. It's ConvoClub. For a limited time this winter while I'm in Bueños Aires.”

— Robbi K

What YOU can expect from ME…


  • I promise to treat my students and families with care & respect.
  • I will always give you my best, when it comes to instruction.
  • I will always return your call or email in a timely & professional manner.
  • I will always treat your children as my own.
  • I will always be on time.
  • I will always listen when you have a concern, & try my best to solve the problem.
  • I will always own up to my mistakes.  (On the rare occasion that I'm human…)
  • I will always be there for any student for any reason.

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Keep The Beat

Robbi Hall Kumalo

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Genre: Kids/Family: Children's Storytelling

KEEP THE BEAT, truly represents Robbi's range and talent as a musical theatre performer and storyteller, as she tells tales about ancient drums and clever animals.

As a little girl growing up on Long Island, NY - she was quite funny, and always drawn the stage. From reciting the traditional Easter Address at church, to dance classes & piano lessons, Robbi's early years focused on creative expression. The nickname from her family in those days was 'Sara,' as in Berhardt!

Her first taste of children's theatre happened in 1981 when she had the opportunity to produce a Sunday family performance at the local university theater. Totally bitten by the bug, Robbi has since concentrated her talents on working with, and for, kids.

On stage she is engaging, commanding and spellbinding- weaving together a lifetime of experiences, humor, songs, conversations, movements, and rhythms to all around.

Robbi K has captivating creativity, high energy, and a strong commitment to excite, inspire & surprise her audience at every chance.

The New York Times calls Robbi K "A Best Bet"

  1. 1 Keep The Beat 04:34
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  2. 2 Story of the Djembe Drum 04:19
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  3. 3 The Tale of Osebo's Djembe Drum Or....the-day-the-turtle-got-its-shell! 26:53
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  5. 5 Don't Lose You Beat! 04:13
  6. 6 Lala mbube 04:21 Info
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