Robbi Kumlalo & The Arias Band

Parque Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, AR

The Park "President Dr. Nicolás Avellaneda" is located in almost all its extension in what was the old farm "Los Remedios", which belonged to the family of Mr. Domingo Olivera. The old villa dates back to when the "Brotherhood of the Holy Charity" erected in those lands a chapel - today called Parish of San Miguel -, consecrating an oratory to the Virgen de los Remedios . In 1822 , the Brotherhood secularized, gave its place to the "Society of Beneficence", which in public auction sold the villa in 1828 to Mr. Domingo Olivera. The farm was used as a center for agricultural and livestock experimentation and the different generations of "Olivera" would occupy the center of the establishment, which still retains its essential characteristics. The farm was the object of successive subdivisions. Until March 7, 1912, the Municipality of the City of Buenos Aires acquired the land included in the streets Avenida Lacarra , Avenida Directorio , Moreto and Gregorio de Laferrere , to create a public park . On March 28, 1914 , the aforementioned park was officially inaugurated as "Parque Olivera". On November 14 of that same year he finally received his current name, which is the name that by extension received the neighborhood born around him. 2