Keeping the Beat for Preemptive Peace

Portland Bahai Center, 8720 N Ivanhoe Street, Portland, OR

Keeping the Beat for Preemptive Peace is a multi-lingual Musical Conversation and performance Work of art. Pre-cog yourself to the meeting place and let's celebrate Black History! There's only One God One Religion so bring your faith and let's praise our creator together.

It’s simple! Fun! Uplifting! Music! Utilize your hands, voice & soul as Robbi, Hasan & Nekicia weave stories with songs to raise the highest vibrations possible in a beautiful space. Everyone's invited to unite, reflect & reframe our out-of-date beliefs, habits, and words to heavenly music.   

Abdul’Baha gave the world wide Baha’i community 'Cliff notes' that inspires social-actions of love, equality, & amity that are changing the world right before our eyes!  Let's meet & greet on the 22nd :-) Come to Participate or observe. CHILDREN, YOUTH, GRAND'S & FRIENDSARE equally wanted.

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