Download Flyer   Red White & Blue:  Hooray For You! The perfect follow-up to Keep The Beat! - or when you’re looking for that special program to celebrate America's diversity with a patriotic theme.  RWB is an interactive concert that looks at US Immigration thru song and dance. I starts with my Native American music & continue thru a variety of cultural folk songs carried to the US via Ellis Island, including Sweet Molly Malone, Santa Lucia, Hava Nagilah, Mo Li Hua (The Jasmine Song) alongside some of our greatest patriotic music like You're A Grand Old Flag, US Army Anthem, Battle Hymn of The Republic!  

RWB entertains while reflecting upon state global studies curriculum and US Immigration over the last 200 years. The repertoire comes from the songbook used by most public and private schools: Get America Singing!.. AGAIN!- a project of the Music Educators National Conference.   Curriculum connections include multi-cultural studies, social studies,and American History. Art forms include music and storytelling. Red, White & Blue is approximately 50 minutes, for K-5, suggested audience, 250 max students. Study guide


ConvoClub (English as a Second Language instructor) 

Consultant, Coach, Privates

Robbi K & Friends (vocals/piano, bass, & drums/percussion)

Storyteller (vocals & percussion or solo)

Artist Residencies Workshops (Grades 1 - 5 & 6 - 8)

4 ADULTS:    

Solo (vocalist with piano & monochord)    

Music for Seniors


Concerts - jazz, standards, spirituals, traditional, classics & other genres too (vocals/piano, bass, & drums)  en español  portugués 


Sound Santum