Abdu'l-Bahá soun of teh founder of the Bahah'i Faith Bahá'u'lláh, November 12, 1817-May 29, 1892, Tehran. Bahaifaith.org

Abdu'l-Bahá soun of teh founder of the Bahah'i Faith Bahá'u'lláh, November 12, 1817-May 29, 1892, Tehran. Bahaifaith.org

40 Years Character Ed K-12 Assemblies

Yup‼️Used to be That Girl…born a baby-boomer😵‍💫 Nowadays - I partner technology w/educating via my unique creative artsy gifts 👑 I officially coach current, recently and former children as we’re all honing the attributes necessary for us to get along together. Your fiscal sponsorship thru Fractured Atlas helps me give - ALL🎤OF🎵ME🎹 - with stories & songs on stages across the Americas; Central, northeastwest South America even Africa 🧑🏿‍🌾 Like the McDonalds commercial used to claim, "…Over 1,000,000 Served❣️"  Children that is, pour moi - in 6 languages! Cafetorium Assemblies to Carnegie Hall! 💯 Praise God!  👼🏽 I did that :-)

I've got an agent, a home studio, cameras, percussion, ukulele, keyboard, vox mics - Apples devices ready for virtual performances! I play Feeltone instruments that are healing me during this psychologic pan-epidemic. Purchase ANY instrument - FaceTime me you after you open your box -I'll give you a quick, easy lesson!  

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The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established. ” - Bahá’u’lláh

Selection from the Bahá’í writings

Meeting the Bahai writings, changed my life in 2018!  I realized after 7 agonizing years I struggled living forward; broken and ambushed by Multiple Superbness as I call MS, I did not like life.  Yet, I've been blessed to tell stories and sing to children aka happy, smart people! I remember my childhood, then motherhood; both somewhat happily   unhappy. I’m looking at this beautiful of My big sister, Cynthia, who recently died. Recently.  Damn.  I miss calling her daily for any reason, or just to dream up a new idea I just though up.  She taught me my lifetime of relevant information. We talked constantly & I ached when she attended Potsdam State in 1970.  I learned how painful absence is.  When she attended my first children's story concert in 1981 - she looked at me differently. We talked even more about college, music, what my only brave gifts are and how much she loved me. She thought I was great!! That’s how she taught me to love teaching school aged students music. As an adult, she taught me how to accompany voice students, wearing stockings in professionally settings, and when to be quiet so my brain can concentrate.  Was the spirochete that causes of multiple sclerosis there already?  Who knows! Hopefully I will do some sort of scientific study to help doctors learn more about multiple sclerosis but I digress…

For that first family event: I wrote the music, cast my friends, played piano, produced and directed a story-concert for 100+ families in my Patchogue-Medford Strong Island,NY Hood. My precious sister now sings with the elders of our people who've ascended; she’s hanging tight with Mozart, Dvorak, Strauss, Verdi, Leontyne, Satchmo, Ringo, Jesus, Abraham and all of their people I mean spirits - I mean energy - I mean love❣️💯🫶🏽😇😍 Thru these historic days COVID19, at least which is the mostest...I'm a Grammy nominated songwriter with 1 Tribe Collective and with multiple Superbness - I’m keeping the beat.  If what you’ve been reading makes sense to you and I make sense today :-) don’t forget to  subscribe to my podcast MultipleSuperbness. I’m also including it onmysite as well as posting it into other platforms - thanks to Anchor  🎹🙌🏽👾🎥😎❤️‍🩹👼🏽🎮🔮🤣


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