First Fridays GENERATIONS!

North Portland Bahai Center, 8750 N Ivanhoe Street, Portland

Open mic night every first Friday starting at 7 PM until 10 PM refreshments, board games will be available and every artist that create something amazing is invited to participate. Spoken word, dance, music, poetry, theatre skits, improv …bring your best self to celebrate, in a great community of justice, kindness, & divine creativity. Abdul Baha states, “Music is one of the important arts. Musical melodies are a certain something which prove to be accidental upon etheric vibrations, for voice is nothing but the expression, a Vibrations, which, reaching the time tympanum, affect the nerves of hearing. Musical melodies are, therefore, those peculiar effects produced by, or from, vibration.”

all ages, all art forms, parents, elders, grandparents, and neighbors in North Portland… Come share & receive good vibes!