Healing Vibrations

Is it live or is it Memorex?

Remember that commercial??!  Ella Fitzgerald cracking a fine crystal. Cyndi, my sister was a gifted educator and lyric soprano, showed me how to play and ponder frequency.  I felt my sisters heart beating against my cheek and how she felt inside!

Click on the molecule video below to see how cells are feeling. Think about what 5g frequencies do to our bodies? Microwaves? Cell phones to the brain? We flow as vibrations since we exploded into this dimension.  “All of the atoms on the earth declare My love for thee” God said so.

Restore the cells with vibrations that transform with loving reminders from God.  Sound Sanctum combines restorative yoga, meditation with guided imagery spoken or sounded with instruments.

Thank you; click on video & relax.  2021 is NOW. I make sounds for my daily healing. i share this with YOU! Vibrations i use in my healthcare protocol to stay#AboveMS, diabetes, anxiety, stress & just healthier - incorporating musical vibrations, storytelling, & my love-filled voices of singing bowls & heart.  

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Here's scientific proof of how musical vibrations interact with all things on the molecular level:

Sound changes & rearranges form.”

— Vickie Dodd,

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The human body is a symphony of rhythm, pulse, flow, and tone. ”

— Vickie Dodd,