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Wutsup! How U Feelin'?

I want to hear from you!! How was your experience during our time together? What happened that made you feel great?! Not so great?!?! Please feel free to ask me any questions.....sending love to u!

211/10/2017 by Robbi K

Study Materials & Info HERE

Lots of writing & reading activities for students after the show!

I presented one or more of these storytelling activities @ your school:

Ages 14+

Be Happy A.K.A Finding My Way - motivational workshop

Mad - Libs - Intro/Ice Breaker to Robbi K

Songs of Freedom

The Story of Puff the Magic Dragon

The Story of Hambone

Ages 10-12

Osebo's Drum

Story of the Djembe Drum

Puff the Magic Dragon

Story of the Hambone

The Legend of John Henry

Ages 8-10

Growing Rock

The Legend of John Henry

Puff the Magic Dragon

Story of the Hambone

Jump Roping Miss Mary Mack

Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin

Ages 5 - 7

Jump Roping Miss Mary Mack

The Little Red Hen

The Wide Mouth Frog




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Listen Again!

Lumpy Bumpy / The Growing Rock

I keep all that I do positive!  The below stories are great for ages 4 - 9. They're funny, musical stories; fantastic compliments to character education while supporting English language practice.  Many curriculum connections to multi-cultural studies & dramatic arts.

Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin is a tale about self acceptance filled with lots of audience participation & songs. The story's about a Lumpy Bumpy & the funniest-looking pumpkin in the pumpkin patch! He achieves pumpkin success by gaining positive self esteem to become the 'most appropriate' Jack O'Lantern on Farmer Joe's farm! The subtle theme that beauty of character is more important than outside appearance.  Lumpy Bumpy is a staged-reading performed by me telling and singing with piano!  Everyone gets to sing, move, laugh, and clap along during the story.

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