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Wutsup! How U Feelin'?

I want to hear from you!! How was your experience during our time together? What happened that made you feel great?! Not so great?!?! Please feel free to ask me any questions.....sending love to u!

211/10/2017 by Robbi K




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  1. 1 Lumpy Bumpy Pumpkin 18:38
  2. 2 The Growing Rock Reprise 16:36
  3. 3 My Name Is Robbi 05:09
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  4. 4 Keep The Beat! song 01:38
  5. 5 Music is My Friend 05:48
  6. 6 Legend of John Henry (Featuring Bakithi Kumalo) 05:22
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  7. 7 Love My Teacher (Featuring Bowzer of Sha Na Na) 03:37 Info
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Yes, it was just right 3
No, it was too fast to follow along 0
Very, very, very much 2
Not Really 0
Best show I've ever seen 5
Somewhat 0
Didn't understand anything 0
I loved the music, dancing, & story 3
Robbi spoke too quickly! 0
Robbi spoke too slowly! 0
It was too long! 0
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