10 March, I eased into the eighth year of my second fifty! Feeling young & grateful while thriving during a global crises with Multiple Superbness. Supporting people who also struggle with physical / emotional challenges, all those little things. My occupation is healing me.  Bahauallah's added to my life-vibe by blessing me to do so. Somatic Usui Holy Fire Reiki I & II; helps huemanity to unite with God in harmony through the communication of love. This is Robbi! Welcome to my world :-) My indigenous roots are Choctaw, Cherokee and American-African. I speak & sing in 7 languages so far.  I'm a multi-lingual kanji. Reflecting the Hidden & loving Words revealed to the wold-wide, I’ve found many of the Bahai writings that connect with musicians - like Hazel Scott & Dizzy Gillespie! Google Bahai faith for more info.

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