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You: Somebody that loves to laugh, feels easy about each moment, enjoys breathing & smiling, usually grateful, intentionally working on a healthier body, very busy managing your life while following God's guidance as often as you remember.  Click here if you're curious about what I'm doing on Patreon.

Me: I'm a Teaching & Performing Artist approaching 40 years of experiences acting & singing on TV shows, to singing background vocals with celebs, to working in feature films, and countless performances for young audiences. I debuted at Carnegie Hall alongside my spouse & his friends Dave Matthews & Ladysmith Black Mambazo, did a TEDx Talk during an unavoidably symptomatic day, have two beautifully brilliant daughters, a step son & one cute granddaughter. Toured internationally, speak several languages besides English, had a cable show in 1981 when cable first showed up AND I direct, write, & produce original & non-original content; I'm a puppeteer; vocalist; play piano & guitar; and teach students of all ages how to live fully & think big. 
Wait, there's more...I've dazzled cheering masses, cumulatively performed for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people on stages around this planet, as well as I've educated people in hundreds of over-crowded classrooms across the US of A.  I tell stories & sing songs, making up new things along the way to remind people to lighten up & smile ;-.) Although I'm best known for children's music, I also record for people who were formerly children, or still act like them.  As I understand better how to align with 'MS', I'm happy to've found another way to keep entertaining in the world. I have Creative Capital galore! Check my PATREON PAGE!


Check the music, videos, storytelling, concerts, consultations, ConvoClub (ESL), Mindful Meditations & other special things I doing as a Light worker to help the masses transcend. I'm starting with you.  Add your email to this page so you can follow my latest posts & digital creations. Do you see something I've done that you'd like to do but you don't know how?  Let me consult with you about ways to realize your true self & more happiness.  Tell me your fave song & I'll record it. Some days I work from my bed so I understand how not feeling great can hold you captive. I have creative energies to assist you to feel better. You need a Personal Storyteller!  Like essential oils? I do too & I'm a Wellness Advocate with DoTERRA! Purchase oils from me. I'll help you learn more!
The diagnosis of "Multiple SUPERBNESS" as I call it, encourages me to move calmer, focusing on what I've been doing with love for years; singing to children, smiling & laughing. It keeps me young at heart and fully committed to the magical energy of decoding the programming of life with the love I feel, despite my physical attitude. I'm no longer limited because of what I was told about my health. Over the years, my work has expanded into new directions that includes adults; music is love. Music, Love, God?  All for healing ourselves after life confuses & batters us.  How deep is your love for music?  This is why I'm here on Patreon to creative a forum for real conversations beyond ego, Oh yeah, speaking of ego...did you spot me in the video above?  I'm the choir director!  I'm not looking for recognition or fame.  I grateful for the affect I have on others. I create fun things to help the world love itself again.  Now that's something we Americans need to make great again! LOVE!


Patreon represents only 35% of things I've created so far in living my life. Invite someone else that can also benefit joining this community! You get material things & so much more that money can't buy. But if you want stuff? Become a member. Creating new habits now that nuture souls is what I'm doing. I'm sooooo happy, I want to serve the entire planet!  Thanks for being a vital part of my creativity. Watch content increase as our community grows so please - mention & share my site w/ur friends & family. The more we get together the happier.🎶  

In the past I primarily toured & performed for thousands until I 'came down with The MS.'   :)  Now I balance aligning body, soul & spirit with love.  MS has changed how I move forward - all for the better :-)  Are you dealing with immune health challenges?  Let me serve you in the ways I know :-)

I love and thank you for showing up for me & reading this long invitation into Robbi's World of NOUNS Light. Sovereignty through sustainability is the primary focus of how to help me succeed in my goals of reaching fulfillment.  We are all United in Harmony!  Share your impressions here any time - I'll get back 2 U ASAP.  


I'll tell you!! Better health, attitude adjustment & brevity? Staying current? A virtual community of like-minded human doings? Technology advances, performers have changed & so have audiences. TV? Over-progammed. Yes, I'm on Netflix & I like TV, but here, you can watch my interestingly strange videos, listen to my soulful music, have a virtual chat with who know who, take voice lessons, virtually travel with me :-), listen to a bedtime story, have me create a personalized happy birthday for yourself or as a many things we're gonna do together. 

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You'll have access to my silly funny poignant videos & creations 24/7. And what's in it for me? Peace of mind that I'm surviving STILL as a full-time artist, no obstacles from MS. I get your cautiously earned money - a most sincerest form of love any artist appreciates to receive and develops from. Applause is awesome too, but financial support on a monthly basis?!?! What?!?!? 


Better than royalties. Better than playing live for 'the door'.  It's inspiring proof when people love you and help you create things that make people happy. It's a benefit for all involved - this sites concept of monetizing creative & intellectual capital. I'm worthy of support! I create something clever everyday! I love life & people! I a different Robbi now and this is how. A computerized canvas to paint humanity with love & optimistic projections. Basically, variations of storytelling & music online.  Listen, we subscribe to something, cable - telephone - school! Subscribe to me! I got MP3's & videos for children & adults; I create original songs; visual & audio Sound Meditations to relax the brain with my beautiful instrument for the highest vibrations...if I go on I'll have to repeat from the paragraphs above!  


In response to more AI, I'm becoming both inventive & daring. I refuse to think of myself as dis-anything! I'm easy. I'm able. I'm interesting. I'm engaging. I'm evolving & taking prisoners. Subscribers really. I'm most grateful for people like you in my life.  I'm not famous, I don't have a hit record, or hundreds of recordings, I don't have corporate sponsorhip or endorsements. I just have me; little Wobbi. Check out my creations &;for sale on PATREON!


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If you already follow me, thank you 4 joining my community, giving me new reasons to stay artistically vibrant as I embrace my second set of 50 years!  I'm baby-boomer funny, politically incorrect (that's another story I'll share :-) but so far, the videos, music, Vlogs I've created have been awesome experiences.  Everybody should smile as often as they eat.  With technology, elevated consciousness, and people awakening my first fifty flew by; this next set is moving!  Let's be happier!

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The Wob

(I used to say, "I'm Wobbi'!" as a kid util I became a teen; then it was uncool for me to be the 'baby' THE WOB. But you know what?!   U  who U   R.  No running away.  I'm still Wobbi.  I've so many crazy stories & songs to share from my childhood with u - thnx 4 becoming a monthly supporter <3