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You: Somebody that loves to laugh, feels easy about each moment, enjoys breathing & smiling, usually grateful, intentionally working on a healthier body, very busy managing your life while following God's guidance as often as you remember.  Click here if you're curious about what I'm doing on Patreon.

Me: I'm a Teaching & Performing Artist approaching 40 years of experiences acting & singing on TV shows, to singing background vocals with celebs, to working in feature films, and countless performances for young audiences. I debuted at Carnegie Hall alongside my spouse & his friends Dave Matthews & Ladysmith Black Mambazo, did a TEDx Talk during an unavoidably symptomatic day, have two beautifully brilliant daughters, a step son & one cute granddaughter. Toured internationally, speak several languages besides English, had a cable show in 1981 when cable first showed up AND I direct, write, & produce original & non-original content; I'm a puppeteer; vocalist; play piano & guitar; and teach students of all ages how to live fully & think big. 
Wait, there's more...I've dazzled cheering masses, cumulatively performed for hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people on stages around this planet, as well as I've educated people in hundreds of over-crowded classrooms across the US of A.  I tell stories & sing songs, making up new things along the way to remind people to lighten up & smile ;-.) Although I'm best known for children's music, I also record for people who were formerly children, or still act like them.  As I understand better how to align with 'MS', I'm happy to've found another way to keep entertaining in the world. I have Creative Capital galore! Check my PATREON PAGE!


Check the music, videos, storytelling, concerts, consultations, ConvoClub (ESL), Mindful Meditations & other special things I'm doing as a Light Worker to help the masses transcend. I'm starting with you.  Add your email to this page so you can follow my latest posts & digital creations.  Let me consult with you about ways to realize your true self & more happiness. Some days I work from my bed so I understand how not feeling great can hold you captive. I have creative energies to assist you to feel better. You need a Personal Storyteller!  Like essential oils? I do too; I'm a Wellness Advocate with DoTERRA! I'll help you learn more!
The diagnosis of "Multiple SUPERBNESS" as I call it, encourages me to move calmer, focusing on what I've been doing with love for dozens of years; singing to children, smiling & laughing. It keeps me young at heart despite physical twists & turns. Over the years, my work has expanded into new directions that includes adults; music is love from God for healing ourselves after life confuses & batters us. I create fun things to help the world love itself still.  Now that's something Americans need to make great again! LOVE!



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In the past I primarily toured & performed for thousands until I 'came down with The MS.'   :)  Are you dealing with immune health challenges?  Let me help in the ways I know :-)

I love and thank you for showing up for me & reading this long invitation into Robbi's World. Sovereignty through sustainability  is my Choctaw-African American lineage...Priceless.

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The Wob

(I used to say, "I'm Wobbi'!" as a kid util I became a teen; then it was uncool for me to be the 'baby' THE WOB. But you know what?! I'm still Wobbi.  I've so many stories & songs to share from my childhood with u - thnx supporter <3