What is a 21st Century Teaching Artist?

"21st Century teaching artists are engaged in learning to encourage the development of essential critical thinking, collaboration, communication, & creativity skills. These skills encourage transfer of understanding across disciplines and cultures."

Each residency is planned and created specifically for the students where they're at; we can go in any direction needed.  Music & drama are my areas of expertise, however I include movement and vocabulary, emotions, culture & character related activities are part of my teaching style to inspire the use of students other intelligences, especially for the primary/intermediate ages.  I work with Middle school aged students in the fall only. Residencies can also be a one time workshop, be built around specific works of art, like an assembly performance or something particular to your community needs.  Including the talents of my numerous TA peers, I have a plethora of programs.  I present Bi-lingual Spanish or French.  Looking forward to partnering with you in 2019 - 2020.

See It, Be it:  Theater Games for Communication (Drama)                      
Songwriting 101 (Music)
Purpose to Re-purpose:  Instrument Making  (Music)                                              
Celebrations Around the Globe (Music)
Vocal Master Classes(Compliments Song of Freedom & Keep the Beat featuring Patti Dunham, Keith Fluitt, Chuk FowlerHasan Bakr )                                                                                                                    Folktales, Fables, Legends, & Myths (Drama)                                                              
Jazzy Tales (Music & Drama)
I Know That Story! (Drama/Storytelling)                                                                         
Keep The Beat (Music)

EMAIL ME w/ideas or questions about a future (C3) SQUARED Arts-In-Ed Partnership

Song Writing 101

The creative process of writing a song or poem can reinforce the learning of a variety of subjects, concepts, and information.  Robbi K & Friends teach the 4 S's of song writing - subject, structure, style, & song, then apply this knowledge to writing their an original song as a class.

We encourage students to improvise, compose, perform, develop poems, ideas, or rhymes that are then set to music, recorded & duplicated onto CD; facilitating a memorable learning process.

It's recommended that each class have a minimum two session, or 90 minutes, as schedule permits. Based on a topic chosen in a planning session, students co-write lyrics with Robbi, pick musical styles, arrange the music, rehearse, record, and if desired, present a final performance of the songs. This programs connects to many aspects of academic & social learning and curriculum, and is recommend for grades 1-6.

Outcome:  Inspired students, interesting songs, an introduction to writing and performing original music, and an improved sense of
school community

One Day Workshop

Keep the Beat Africa! workshop features percussionist Hasan Bakr, who is of Gullah Geechee heritage. A part of the United States that received the greatest amount of people from Africa during the slave trade.  Hasan, is a percussionist, singer and composer, who found his first musical expressions in the tonal arts of the drum and percussion. He's studied under masters with great discipline for most of his adult life - with such notables as Chief Bey (shekere and bell), Babafeami(Conga), Nana Vasconcelos (berimbau and caxixi), Little Ray Romero (timbales), and Mbemba Bangoura.(Djembe). Hasan has performed with a number of artist including The Winard Harper Sextet, Snow, Hassan Hakmoum, Zimbabwean Mbira Master Ephat Mujuru, Salieu Suso, Abdullah Ibrahim and Ekaya, The Meditations, Vieux Diop and many more.

Hasan sings in African languages, including Hindi, Yoruba, Zulu, and Arabic. Keep the Beat Africa! encourages students to further develop an understanding of and respect for diversity in language use, patterns, and dialects across the African continent, ethnic groups, geographic regions, and social roles.