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Living on the LEDGE

So....I'm here, in Floreste, BsAs and I've encountered a ledge.  Yes.  A ledge.  AKA a balcony?  A Balcony 5 flights up with a beautiful view of palm trees and a appropriate in its own way...

I'm confronted with…

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Raising My Vibrations A Little Higher

I did not mean to have Multiple Superbness discombobulate my body science, but it’s happened.  When I look around, I see other people, even people who are 'successful' 'accomplished' 'well-appointed' with material things also discombobulated.  Is it our fault? Is…

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Tales from the Dark Mirror

So now I've gone and done it!  I've accepted the truth about my immune system being broken. Alas, I'm in need of repair. I caught a case of MS around about 2007.  I remember meeting it.  It showed…

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2 For 1

Dear Johnah,

Yes, arts council are superb in promoting and supporting the arts locally as an organization, but I'm really speaking about PEER TO PEER support.

A creators like myself, coming to see your show because I consider…

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As an influential human that's in front of children weekly, monthly, annually for the last 35+ years: I have a HUGE OPNION about our status quo & I appreciate this forum for diverse adults to gather, contemplate, & create.

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Happy 2018!!! 

I have no control although I've been living like I do.  The ONLY thing I have influence over is what I chooose to put in my mouth. You are what you eat.  Literally. 

And the Yin to that Yang…

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