Somatic Experiencing

Fun to play instruments! We play well together with you, too!

As I learn each day, I know that everything is frequency! Here is a free frequency guide that will allow you to know what frequencies in specific ranges are known to do. click on this photo to download the PDF as you continue with success in your life’s journey :-)

Take a moment to ground yourself with any product from EARTHING. com Use my affiliate link for fair or expensive prices. Be sure to share with others that you love that need peace of mind and a good nights sleep too.

HealingMS #AboveMS #BeyondMS #MultipleSclerosisSociety #MultipleSclerosisSocietyOfPortland

Keep On Moving, Trucking, Being & Doing

I tell my friends that I’m highly favored; sometimes I think it’s like I’m boasting! The more I read & study Baha’i writings, the closer I feel to myself! I’ve to stay aware that not just Jesus, Moses & Abraham are here with me but so is Bahá’u’lláh. Ahhh❣️The things I have no idea about…stay well & Thank you

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