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LIVE Vibration of the Spirits

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In times of great change and global uncertainty we're sometimes at a loss to find stability and peace within.

Yet, we are supported endlessly by the wisdom of the ages. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu is a mantra of power that assists us in our spiritual evolution and acts as a blessing for the world.

By chanting this mantra, we move from our personal self and radiate a prayer of love for the world around us. It takes us from the egoic, little self, and its limited world view, and radiates from us global wellbeing. It is a reminder we are a part of the universe and can positively impact all of creation.

Though not a traditional Vedic mantra, Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu is a Sanskrit prayer (or sloka). It's been used for many centuries to invoke greater states of compassion and peace. Often said at the end of yoga practices, its an invocation for personal and collective peace. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” may be the closest western equivalent. Yet, the impact of this ancient mantra is far grander than simple human kindness.


Sanskrit dates back 7000-8000 years. Used before language, before the written word, its sounds are not simply phonetic but rather carry within them the very sounds of creation.

The sounds are onomatopoeic and transmit the raw power of the universe. Sanskrit invokes primordial power “to work with the building blocks of creation through sound.”

This vibrational legacy was once reserved for initiates alone. The revered Brahmins make the path of spiritual study their life’s work.

They commit to their own self-realization and act as mighty carriers of the ancient paths of power. As the potency of the mantra became more far reaching, it is now a vital component of those devoted to enlightenment in all forms.

One must not be a yogi to partake in this ancient practice. Rather, our sincere intent grants us the right to utter these syllables of creation.


Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu is a Sanskrit mantra which means:

"May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”

Woza! Come Toegether (Zulu)

This is music for meditation exploration as the vibrations flow to you. Like a prayer, it means something uniquely different for each one of us. Enjoy the mental journey! Please share your thoughts with me about what this song feels like to you.