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Turn off the TV then settle in to listen, relax, and benefit from this show....why go to the theatre when it, a on your computer with me.

The app Clubhouse gave me the opportunity to sync into my true nature as an artist/musician. As busy as the space was when it first started, I only heard the silence in between the words. There are a lot of words being shared on Clubhouse, and no one is spared from the cacophony.

As I became a Reiki healer, it just aligned internally with everything that I have! And now it’s a service that I’m able to offer people as a composer. I compose the beautiful sound that I hear when I am inside of someone’s energy they invitation. It’s a beautiful sound of such kindness… I have not met a soul yet that doesn’t have the propensity for love. With my sessions, I’m able to invite the listener, client, to record the session that we’re going to have. And that’s why my prices are based on what they are for the service because you’re going to get a recording out of the moment that we spend together. To book an appointment or an Aesthetic Life Coaching session with me & my ‘reikified’ instruments‼️🎶🗣🧠💗✨🦻🏽👏🏽💯