1. Natural Woman

From the recording SECOND TAKE

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Natural Woman

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After singing with Ms. Aretha and watching her work - my life changed a lot. I never thought about the piano that Aretha played in church growing up until I saw her playing. It reminded me of why my mom and dad gave me piano lessons! To play at church. And as a kid, I didn't 'want to' yet as an adult, everyone invited me to their church to sing, especially weddings with 'pop' songs brides liked.

I'm grateful to embody the spirit of Ms. Franklin. The day she passed, I was in Argentina, singing her song in a lovely, historic bar - totally opposite of US bars....instead a meeting place with food and friends....not hard liquor; Malbec grapes locally grown.and beer instead.

What a blessing to experience Aretha Franklin! I mad a lot of friendships while on tour because of Indigenous American Music.