Kids Learn in All Different Ways, and ALL Kids Engage Through Music!

Research is clear and irrefutable – the arts are critical to a child’s well being, help students engage, become more mindful and succeed in all academic areas.

Pre-School Sing-Alongs 

Early Readers K-3 storytelling   

Ages 6-14 concerts & storytelling

I'm a Performer & Teaching Artist that tours the NW, NE, Mid Atlantic Region, SW, Latin & South America, Europe, Asia, & soon the Middle East.

I bring enrichment to you!

Online performances for classrooms available, especially for home schoolers!

Putnam/Northern BOCES

Ohio Alliance for Arts Ed                                                                                                           


I've performed for hundreds of thousands of children since 1981 and now their children have children; bring on the next generation! 

For over 35 years I've been making interactive concerts featuring a variety of musical styles & improvisation, exploring jazz, pop, the blues, world beat and folk music. I integrate the spoken word & drama into range of music that connects culture, national arts standards & fun!   

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Managing Multiple Sclerosis or Multiple Superbness as I call it, empowers me with pure love, gratitude & excitement to employ my intellectual capital as much as possible!  I carry on with joy despite challenges and enjoy speaking on the topic of how DIVERSELY SPECIAL we all are.  I'm excited to be here with a lifetime of experiences, stories & songs to share. 

    From a Singer, Songs That Rock, and Are Kid Friendly Too”

    New York Times