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I help people think positively forward & forgive their yesterdays with musical sound vibrations, prayers & joyfully thoughtful stories found in my blog. If there’s some thing that’s missing from my site that ´you need´ please send me a message so I can create about it :-)

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Welcome 🎶

Welcome‼️ ‘Computers’ are our “new TV” My website’s NOW my HOW 💯🎭🎵💗🙏🏾🎶 Station. I'm co-Creating the best shows I can for myself & primarily posting here so I’m findable. Being a ‘Baby Boom Era’ soul, I’m protected & highly favored by God as a talented brown girl on this planet. Hope you watch & feel supported by my expressions flashing my Ability Over Disability stages…my bed’s comfortable at least❤️‍🩹 This ‘Place’ helps me be ‘artistically working’ - even if multiple sclerosis progresses. Every day’s a miracles. Share my website with ur friends, family & just come as you are :-) Thanks for signing up & becoming a subscriber too! I’m making videos & podcasting, composing new music 6 blogging ONLY here…my safe place to hide in public. Thanks for showing up for me!

Wholeness to Balance Vibrations,
Robbi Hall Kumalo